Enlightening, fascinating, thrilling and never dull, the art world tempts us with an experience like no other, as collectors, curators and enthusiasts know all too well.

Navigating it, however, can be challenging and there are times when a wise word or a sharp eye can make all the difference, especially at critical points in the decision-making process.

As a well-established and highly trusted art professional with a Master’s in Business Administration and over ten years’ business experience across the Middle East, I bring expertise and passion to the international art scene. I also benefit from deep-rooted connections across both the Middle East and the Mediterranean region, including Greece, where I now live, which has given me a unique understanding of the art coming out of these culturally and historically rich hubs.

What we offer

Whether you’re looking to acquire your first piece of art, adding to a collection or thinking of selling, our full range of end-to-end services will help make the process smoother, less complicated, satisfying and successful.

I am in touch with and have access to a wide range of artists, including some of the most talented and exciting names working in the Middle East and the Mediterranean today.

With interest in this vibrant regional art scene never greater, I invite you to join our exclusive circle and embark on a rollercoaster journey of challenges and thrills towards a destination of win-win outcomes.

I’d be delighted to steer you on your voyage of discovery. You have my assurance that as a trusted professional, I will point you in the direction of a fascinating treasure trove of artistic talent.

Our services at Myriam Jakiche Art Advisory include, but are not limited to: consultations; curation; valuations; market research; purchase advice; and strategic planning. We will also hold regular curated online projects on specific themes and aimed at targeted markets.

For more info, please visit our Services page.